Meet the BGI Leadership Team

Isabelle Titus


Agricultural Communications (major), Natural Resources and Environmental Science (minor)

I've always loved being outdoors and learning about sustainability so joining an environmental club at Purdue was a no brainier. BGI had everything I was looking for, from helping out in the community to hanging out with friends on a hike.

Jasmine Papas

Vice President

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), concentration in Wildlife and Environmental Policy

I am incredibly passionate about environmental science and conservation, and want to do my part in helping educate other on it as well.

Madelyn Lopp


Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), Biology (minor), Spanish (minor)

My love of sustainability and helping preserve the environment started at a young age, but I didn't truly understand the depths of the topic until I was in high school. When I came to Purdue I knew that I wanted to join a club that allowed me to continue my passion of sustainability and meet new people with the same interests as me. BGI has allowed me to do sustainability projects within the Purdue community and meet like minded people trying to make a difference for our community and for Purdue.

Anna Hampton

Event Manager

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), concentration in Environmental Policy and Analysis

I became passionate about the environment in high school though my research and environmentally focused community service. I want to make a difference and hope to be able to do so by pursing a career as an Environmental Lawyer. I joined BGI because it allows me be involved on campus and promote sustainability. It is rewarding knowing that the projects we complete have a positive impact on a campus and in the community.

Julia Martin

Media coordinator

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major)

Growing up I have always loved spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking on trails or spending time at the beach. I didn't know much about sustainability until high school when I took APES. Once I became aware of climate change and sustainability I decided I wanted to make a career out of it by majoring in NRES. I saw a flyer for BGI and instantly became interested and thought it would work perfectly with my major. BGI is the perfect club for those who care about sustainability and want to get involved at Purdue!

Amy Yang

Recycling Committee Chair

Ecology, Evolution, & Environmental Biology (major), Spanish (minor)

My small high school never had an environmental club or anything of the sort, so it felt like no one else cared about what was happening to our planet. When I came to Purdue and attended the BGI callout, it was really heartwarming to see that so many people share the same fears for the future, the same determination to bring change, and the same hopes to save the world!

Abigail Thompson

Recycling Committee Chair

Civil Engineering (major), Management (minor)

I have always been interested in sustainability, green technology, and volunteering. So when I heard about BGI I knew this was the right place for me. BGI is filled with like minded individuals who really care about bettering our planet by helping the Purdue community while having fun.

Claire Schnefke

Water Management Committee Chair

Environmental and Ecological Engineering (major), Environmental Politics and Policy (minor)

I have had a strong passion for the environment for quite some time. As a child I loved to spent time outside splashing through creeks or hiking through the woods. But when I learned that clean rivers and big forests were not a guarantee for the future I knew that I wanted to do something about it. I joined BGI because they had a reputation for leading good projects to help the environment. I was then able to join the Water Management Committee, a cause I am very passionate about after working at a water treatment plant.

Emma Kramer

Water Management Committee Chair

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major)

I joined BGI because I wanted to be a part of a club that enjoyed making a difference on campus and in the community. I enjoy working with people who have the same interests in the environment that I do. I grew up on Lake Michigan and in the dunes which sparked my interest in water quality and sustainability. Seeing first hand how we effect the environment made me want to pursue studying water quality.

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