Meet the BGI Leadership Team

Anna Hampton.jpg

Anna Hampton


Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), Political Science (major)

I became passionate about the environment in high school though my research and environmentally focused community service. I want to make a difference and hope to be able to do so by pursing a career as an Environmental Lawyer. I joined BGI because it allows me be involved on campus and promote sustainability. It is rewarding knowing that the projects we complete have a positive impact on a campus and in the community.


Dylan Carson

Vice President

Mechanical Engineering Technology (major), Electrical Engineering Technology (minor)

One day I was getting a haircut and had a conversation with my stylist about what I wanted to do when I grew up. I told her that I didn’t know and she said that she always recommends to people that they find a career helping the environment. From that point on, for whatever reason, I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to sustainability.


Macy Wohlford


Industrial Engineering (major), Women's Studies (minor)

I joined BGI to learn new ways to make my life more environmentally friendly. A fun fact about me is that I obsessed with plants -- so if anyone needs a buddy for greenhouse trips, I'm in!


Hannah Gruber

Event Manager

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major); Political Science (major); Environmental Politics and Policy (minor); Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (minor)

I joined BGI to promote environmental awareness with others passionate for sustainability. I love all the opportunities BGI offers to get involved in the local community! Everything from campus cleanups to hiking and Earth Week events. BGI really does it all.
A fun fact about me is that I love film photography, hiking in the mountains, and going to concerts!


Amy Yang

Media coordinator

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (major), Spanish for the Professions (minor)

I joined BGI because I realized how almost every aspect of modern society relies on our planet continuing to be habitable. BGI was the safe space I found that united students of all career interests under the common goal of educating ourselves and making sustainable changes to our Purdue campus and beyond. After graduation, I hope to become a wildlife veterinarian and to contribute toward species conservation efforts around the world.

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Rashmika Manipati

Recycling Committee Chair

Environmental and Ecological Engineering (major)

What I love most about BGI is that it brings together people who care about the environment in order to make a real difference on campus. One interesting fact about me is that my mom and I do vermicomposting at home.

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Sam Greenaway

Recycling Committee Chair

Mechanical Engineering (major)

I love the fun BGI meetings.

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Faith Goodin

Water Management Committee Chair

Biological Engineering (major)

I want to learn more about sustainability and how I can implement it in my personal life and around campus. I think it's really important for everyone to do what they can to help the environment. I love the people in BGI the most. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by likeminded people who want to make a difference.

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Alyssa Hermon

Water Management Committee Chair

Aquatic Sciences (major)

I love the inclusivity of the club, everyone’s ideas get to be heard!


Abby Beck

Green Greeks Ambassador

Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), Anthropology (minor)

Growing up on a nature-focused farm, I have always loved being outdoors and celebrating its beauty. BGI has so many unique projects and individuals that push for a more sustainable future and I am so excited to be apart of that progress. I love the broad range of unique members that BGI works with and the variety of projects that we collaborate on!

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Julia Morales

Outreach Chair

Political Science and Sociology (major)

I love BGI because of the outings and how chill everyone is.