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Green Guide

The BGI Green Guide is a list of helpful sustainability-related links and resources.  If you have a resource you believe would be helpful to add/update/remove, please Contact Us.

Purdue/Lafayette-Specific Resources

Online Article Series

  • National Geographic "Planet or Plastic?" series about the impact of plastic pollution in oceans

Plant-Based How-to's & Recipe Guide

  • During Fall 2019 BGI made a free, informational PDF download which provides details about how to easily incorporate more nutritionally-balanced plant-based meals into your diet. Access the guide by clicking the Adobe button below.

Green Living Tips

There are tons of great tips for living sustainably!  In addition to searching online, asking friends and family can be a great way to get some creative new tips!

Here are a few helpful resources


And here are a few pages specific to college students

Voting Information

Voting is a great way to influence green change!  Boiler Green Initiative does not support or oppose any particular candidates, but we encourage you to vote and offer the resources below so you can make an informed choice

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