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Projects & Committees

Boiler Green Initiative is organized into two committees (Recycling and Water Management) who lead projects.  As a member, you can work on projects with either or both committees!

Check out some of the cool things BGI is doing and has done below!

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Recycling Committee


The Recycling Committee focuses on implementing waste reduction and recycling awareness activities to educate students and community members about living a low-waste lifestyle.

Current Projects

Current and ongoing projects include:

  • Greek life can/bottle recycling: implementing a system of collecting cans/bottles from fraternities and sororities so that the waste can be recycled

  • Football recycling program: organizing volunteers to work at home football games informing fans about trash vs. recyclable items, moving incorrectly sorted items to the right bin, and cleaning up recyclables from the stands after football games

Past Projects

Past projects include:

  • Football recycling video: producing a video to be played on the jumbotron before home football games to encourage fans to recycle their waste

  • Green escape room build: designing and building an escape room to educate participants about sustainability at BGI's Earth Day Kickoff Party

  • Food scrape: collecting food waste at dining courts to determine the amount of wasted food and illustrate the magnitude of the problem of food waste

  • Shoe drive: collecting worn out shoes and transporting them to Nike to be repurposed through the Nike Grind program

  • Amazon box collection: collected boxes from Amazon stores and re-distributed at move-out to reduce cardboard waste

  • Recycling survey: created and distributed a survey to Purdue students to understand recycling attitudes and motivation


Water Management Committee


The Water Management Committee focuses on implementing and maintaining infrastructure that supports water quality and conservation in the Greater Lafayette area and monitoring the quality of local rivers.

Current Projects

Curre and ongoing projects include:

  • Rain garden maintenance: cutting back grass, removing weeds, and replacing plants as needed in existing rain gardens to maintain rain garden health and effectiveness

  • Hoosier RiverWatch program: throughout the fall semester, BGI regularly samples and reports data on water quality of creeks and rivers in the Lafayette area to assist in water quality monitoring efforts
  • Grab Your Butts: riverside and downtown Lafayette cigarette butt cleanup to prevent contaminants being introduced into rivers and waterways

Past Projects

Past projects include:

  • Rain barrel outreach program: installing a system of rain barrels at a local community center, and creating an educational program for elementary students at the center to teach them about sustainability and teach them about the function and importance of the rain barrels

  • Green roof installation: BGI played a central role in the installation of the green roof on Schleman Hall

  • Rain garden installation: BGI played a central role in the design and installation of the rain gardens at the Morton Community Center and Harrison Residence Hall


Want to get involved with these projects?

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