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    BOILER GREEN INITIATIVE ​ The Sustainability Club for Everyone Earth Day Kickoff Rain Garden Succulent-Planting 1/11 Welcome to Boiler Green Initiative (BGI)! We are a student organization at Purdue University whose mission is to promote sustainability on Purdue's campus and in the surrounding community. Whether you are an expert in sustainability or you know nothing at all but are just eager to learn, this is the club for you. ​ Check out our website to learn more about our , some of the fun we've done, see from past projects, browse , and more! committees and projects socials/trips pictures sustainability resources ​ If you're interested in learning more about sustainability, getting involved with green projects at Purdue, or just joining a community of people who care about the planet, stop by one of our meetings and check us out! ​​Weekly Meetings: TBD due to COVID19 BGI is open to students of all majors and any year of undergraduate or graduate study at Purdue University

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    Meetings Attending BGI meetings is a great way to stay up-to-date about green events happening at Purdue, learn about sustainability, and make a difference at Purdue! Updates & Project Work Each meeting, we share updates about sustainability-related events taking place at or near Purdue, both BGI events and events hosted by other organizations. You can see a summary of what's going on by joining our group chat or mailing list by filling out the form . here ​ Additionally, most meetings will be spent primarily in committees focusing on accomplishing project goals. You can read more about current projects on the page. Committees Reuse Seminars At least once per month, BGI hosts an activity during meetings teaching members ways they can live more sustainably in their daily lives. Past Reuse Seminars have focused on topics such as making vegan smoothies, vegan diets and recipes, creating "plarn" (yarn made from plastic bags), and thrift-shopping Halloween costumes. Green Feats Green Feats are a friendly way to challenge yourself to live more sustainably day-to-day and compete with other members for prizes! Past challenges have included minimizing single-use plastic, going vegetarian for a week, and watchinga sustainability-related documentary. 2-Hour Challenges Once per month, BGI will host a 2-Hour Challenge intended to quickly make a positive, green impact at or near Purdue. To facilitate these activities, both committees work together during at least one meeting per month to prepare for the challenge. Learn more and get involved at our 2-Hour Challenge page. Educational Speakers and Activities Occasionally, BGI hosts speakers or educational activities during meetings to learn about sustainability topics. Past speakers have included professors and the Grounds Manager at Purdue, who discussed what happens to Purdue's waste after it leaves campus. Green Elephant Party The last BGI meeting of the semester is our Green Elephant Party. Come to relax and de-stress before Finals and get some free food. We also have a gently-used item exchange: bring used school supplies or other items you no longer need if you wish and exchange or give them away to other members -- it keeps items out of the landfill and you could potentially pick up some free stuff!

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    Earth Day Kickoff March & Party What Is It? The Earth Day Kickoff is a march followed by a social, intended to promote awareness of the current climate crisis our planet faces, start discussions and build a community of supporters of environmentally-friendly actions and policies, and educate participants in ways to incorporate sustainability into day-to-day life. The event consists of several components: A poster-making session for the march A "March for the Planet" around Purdue University A social "party" following the march, including activities such as a student-built sustainability-themed escape room, succulent-planting, vegan food, and videos/board games When Is It? The Spring 2021 Earth Day Kickoff will be: TBD at 5:30 pm ​ The march will begin at the Engineering Fountain at 5:30 pm, and will lead to TBD, where the rest of the event (succulent-planting, escape room, food, etc.) will be held. How Can I Get Involved? All Purdue students and Lafayette/West Lafayette community members are invited to attend the march and party! We encourage everyone to get involved in the festivities! The poster-making session, march, and party are open to the public, no RSVP required -- check our to see when each event will be. Calendar If you would like to help plan the event, ! If you are a student organization or community organization who would like to host an activity or contribute in another way to the march and/or party, please so we can discuss further. come to a BGI meeting Contact Us ​ All activities are free for Purdue students. If you are not a student, we simply ask that if you attend the party, you bring $2 to donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Pictures of the Earth Day Kickoff Earth Day Kickoff Earth Day Kickoff Earth Day Kickoff 1/27

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    Joining is easy! Join us at any regularly held meeting on TUESDAYS in WALC 3122 ​ You're welcome to join at any point in the semester. We just ask that you're willing to commit to attending BGI meetings or events at least once approximately every 1-2 weeks. ​ Fill out the form on this page to be added to our email list or GroupMe. See you soon! Get the Latest Updates from BGI! Name To be added to our GroupMe... To be added to our email list... Submit Thanks for submitting! We'll add you to the options you selected above within a few days

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    What We Do Boiler Green Initiative offers lots of ways to get involved in green activities and meet people who share interests in sustainability! Check out each of the categories below to learn more. Meetings Work on green projects, lea rn new tips for sustainable living, and m eet other students interested in green change! Read More > Committee Projects Choose green projects to get involved with and make a difference on Purdue's campus and the surrounding community! Read More about Committees > View Project Photos > Socials & Trips Get to know people who share your interest in making the planet greener through socials, trips, tours, and more! Read More > Campus Outreach & Volunteering Get involved with BGI's outreach and volunteering events, open to all Purdue students Earth Day Kickoff March & Party > Volunteering Opportunities >

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    Projects & Committees Boiler Green Initiative is organized into two committees (Recycling and Water Management) who lead projects. As a member, you can work on projects with either or both committees! ​ Check out some of the cool things BGI is doing and has done below! Got a project idea? Contact Us Recycling Committee About The Recycling Committee focuses on implementing waste reduction and recycling awareness activities to educate students and community members about living a low-waste lifestyle. Current Projects Current and ongoing projects include: implementing a system of collecting cans/bottles from fraternities and sororities so that the waste can be recycled Greek life can/bottle recycling: ​ ​ ​ organizing volunteers to work at home football games informing fans about trash vs. recyclable items, moving incorrectly sorted items to the right bin, and cleaning up recyclables from the stands after football games Football recycling program: producing a video to be played on the jumbotron before home football games to encourage fans to recycle their waste Football recycling video: See Live Statistics Past Projects Past projects include: Green escape room build: designing and building an escape room to educate participants about sustainability at BGI's Earth Day Kickoff Party collecting food waste at dining courts to determine the amount of wasted food and illustrate the magnitude of the problem of food waste Food scrape: collecting worn out shoes and transporting them to Nike to be repurposed through the program Shoe drive: Nike Grind collected boxes from Amazon stores and re-distributed at move-out to reduce cardboard waste Amazon box collection: created and distributed a survey to Purdue students to understand recycling attitudes and motivation Recycling survey: Pictures Football Recycling Football Recycling Football Recycling 1/4 Water Management Committee About The Water Management Committee focuses on implementing and maintaining infrastructure that supports water quality and conservation in the Greater Lafayette area and monitoring the quality of local rivers. Current Projects Curre and ongoing projects include: installing a system of rain barrels at a local community center, and creating an educational program for elementary students at the center to teach them about sustainability and teach them about the function and importance of the rain barrels Rain barrel outreach program: cutting back grass, removing weeds, and replacing plants as needed in existing rain gardens to maintain rain garden health and effectiveness Rain garden maintenance: throughout the fall semester, BGI regularly samples and reports data on water quality of creeks and rivers in the Lafayette area to assist in water quality monitoring efforts Hoosier RiverWatch program: Grab Your Butts: riverside and downtown Lafayette cigarette butt cleanup to prevent contaminants being introduced into rivers and waterways Past Projects Past projects include: Green roof installation: BGI played a central role in the installation of the green roof on Schleman Hall BGI played a central role in the design and installation of the rain gardens at the Morton Community Center and Harrison Residence Hall Rain garden installation: Pictures Rain Garden Rain Garden Rain Garden 1/4 Want to get involved with these projects? Join BGI

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    Project Photo Galleries Wondering what it's like to be part of projects with BGI? Check out this page to see some photos! FOOTBALL RECYCLING BGI organizes and recruits volunteers at home football games. These volunteers inform fans about trash vs. recyclable items, move incorrectly sorted items to the right bin, and pick up recyclables from the stands after games, to reduce the amount of recyclable waste going to landfills! Football Recycling Football Recycling Football Recycling 1/6 RAIN GARDEN INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE BGI played a central role in the installation of the rain gardens at Harrison Residence Hall and the Morton Community Center. Each year, BGI maintains the rain gardens by cutting back grass, removing weeds, and replacing plants as necessary to maintain the health and effectiveness of the rain gardens. Harrison Rain Garden Morton Rain Garden Harrison Rain Garden 1/5 HOOSIER RIVERWATCH During the fall, BGI regularly samples and reports data on water quality of creeks and rivers in the Lafayette area to assist in water quality monitoring efforts. RiverWatch RiverWatch RiverWatch 1/3

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    Meet the BGI Leadership Team Isabelle Titus President Agricultural Communications (major), Natural Resources and Environmental Science (minor) I've always loved being outdoors and learning about sustainability so joining an environmental club at Purdue was a no brainier. BGI had everything I was looking for, from helping out in the community to hanging out with friends on a hike. Jasmine Papas Vice President Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), concentration in Wildlife and Environmental Policy I am incredibly passionate about environmental science and conservation, and want to do my part in helping educate other on it as well. Madelyn Lopp Treasurer Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), Biology (minor), Spanish (minor) My love of sustainability and helping preserve the environment started at a young age, but I didn't truly understand the depths of the topic until I was in high school. When I came to Purdue I knew that I wanted to join a club that allowed me to continue my passion of sustainability and meet new people with the same interests as me. BGI has allowed me to do sustainability projects within the Purdue community and meet like minded people trying to make a difference for our community and for Purdue. Anna Hampton Event Manager Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major), concentration in Environmental Policy and Analysis I became passionate about the environment in high school though my research and environmentally focused community service. I want to make a difference and hope to be able to do so by pursing a career as an Environmental Lawyer. I joined BGI because it allows me be involved on campus and promote sustainability. It is rewarding knowing that the projects we complete have a positive impact on a campus and in the community. Julia Martin Media coordinator Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major) Growing up I have always loved spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking on trails or spending time at the beach. I didn't know much about sustainability until high school when I took APES. Once I became aware of climate change and sustainability I decided I wanted to make a career out of it by majoring in NRES. I saw a flyer for BGI and instantly became interested and thought it would work perfectly with my major. BGI is the perfect club for those who care about sustainability and want to get involved at Purdue! Amy Yang Recycling Committee Chair Ecology, Evolution, & Environmental Biology (major), Spanish (minor) My small high school never had an environmental club or anything of the sort, so it felt like no one else cared about what was happening to our planet. When I came to Purdue and attended the BGI callout, it was really heartwarming to see that so many people share the same fears for the future, the same determination to bring change, and the same hopes to save the world! Abigail Thompson Recycling Committee Chair Civil Engineering (major), Management (minor) I have always been interested in sustainability, green technology, and volunteering. So when I heard about BGI I knew this was the right place for me. BGI is filled with like minded individuals who really care about bettering our planet by helping the Purdue community while having fun. Claire Schnefke Water Management Committee Chair Environmental and Ecological Engineering (major), Environmental Politics and Policy (minor) ​ I have had a strong passion for the environment for quite some time. As a child I loved to spent time outside splashing through creeks or hiking through the woods. But when I learned that clean rivers and big forests were not a guarantee for the future I knew that I wanted to do something about it. I joined BGI because they had a reputation for leading good projects to help the environment. I was then able to join the Water Management Committee, a cause I am very passionate about after working at a water treatment plant. Emma Kramer Water Management Committee Chair Natural Resources and Environmental Science (major) I joined BGI because I wanted to be a part of a club that enjoyed making a difference on campus and in the community. I enjoy working with people who have the same interests in the environment that I do. I grew up on Lake Michigan and in the dunes which sparked my interest in water quality and sustainability. Seeing first hand how we effect the environment made me want to pursue studying water quality.

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    Contact BGI! Got a question, suggestion, project idea, or want to learn more about sustainability at Purdue University? Fill out the form on this page and we'll get back to you! ​ You can also learn how to join BGI and get added to our GroupMe or email list . here Boiler Green Initiative Weekly Meetings: Tuesday, 6 pm, WALC 3122 Contact Us Name Email Subject Message Please add me to the BGI newsletter email list Submit Thanks for contacting us! We'll review your message shortly and reach out if we have questions

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    Socials / Trips Socials and trips are a great way to get to know other students interested in sustainability and network! Here are a few examples of activities BGI does currently or has done in the past. HIKING Every fall, BGI goes on a hiking trip to Turkey Run State Park. We've also done group hiking trips closer to campus at Happy Hollow Park, and are always looking for other chances to get outside and enjoy being in nature. Turkey Run State Park Turkey Run State Park Turkey Run State Park 1/3 EXPLORATION ACRES CORN MAZE Every fall, BGI takes a trip to the Exploration Acres corn maze to hang out in the maze and roast some s'mores! Exploration Acres Corn Maze Exploration Acres Corn Maze 1/2 ICE SKATING Each January, BGI takes a trip to go ice skating at Riverside Skating Center. Check the calendar to see when our next trip will be! Ice Skating Ice skating 2020 1/2 CHICAGO TRIP In Spring 2019, BGI took a trip to Chicago to drop off shoes collected on campus so they could be repurposed through the Nike Grind program. After donating the shoes, we spent the rest of the day exploring downtown Chicago! ​ Check out the video below Hannah Stringfellow produced with footage from the trip! ​ ▶️ Watch the Video Chicago trip 2019 Chicago trip 2019 1/2

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