Boiler Green Initiative is a multidisciplinary, campus-wide student organization that focuses on the evaluation and continued enhancement of the sustainability of Purdue University and its surrounding communities. Its ongoing mission is to facilitate green initiatives by challenging the Purdue community to become environmentally engaged.

This Monday (October 20)! Don't miss the tours of BGI's Schleman Hall Green Roof! Located on the second floor of Schleman Hall, by the Office of the Dean of Students! Come between 10-3 for a tour of the majestic garden!!!

Committee Meeting Locations
Green Roof : Stanley Coulter G060
Stormwater Management: Stanley Coulter G040
Recycling: Stanley Coulter G039

Note: General meetings are held in Stanley Coulter G040

Boiler Green Initiative is an organization open to all students, staff, and faculty at Purdue. We are an organization that enables individuals to channel their environmental passions into initiatives. By working together, we have been able to take action in working towards a more sustainable, more environmentally-minded world.